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Arikanda River Garden
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Adrasan Cavus bay is a peaceful, naturally beautiful holiday destination with a lovely sandy beach, clean turquoise waters for swimming or paddling. The 2km sweep of Cavus bay, tracks through the local fruit orchards, past the mosque and on to Adrasan village and through dramatic pine clad hills and mountains – thus providing a wide selection of great walks to suit all abilities. Not to be missed are the leisurely daily boat trips which visit the bays and islands that are dotted along this magical coastline.

The area has a variety of wildlife including eagles, wild boar, dolphins and turtles – a chorus of song birds and an explosion of wild flowers in Adrasan. Life in the bay can be wonderfully spontaneous – once you have discovered the friendliness and hospitality of the people, you will want to return again … as many do. Evenings are no less atmospheric – find yourself Turkish or Kurdish dancing, singing or listening to the saz under a moonlit sky …. the waiters just love to show off their dancing skills!

The hotel is also a perfect base for exploring further afield – and a variety of day trips and tours are available to you during your stay. There is plenty to see and do. The many civilisations which have shaped this Lycian region of Turkey have left their mark around every corner and Adrasan sits right in the centre of many spectacular ancient sites dating as far back as 7thC BC – places like Olympos (15km), Phaselis (35km), Arikanda (70km), Aspendos (90km) and Cirali (35km) offer fabulous day trips.

Even if you are not a shopper by nature, the varied and unusual selection of gifts found in the local weekly markets (Pazar) will tempt you and provide a true taste of this unique aspect of regional shopping. If you want a more glitzy shopping experience, the lovely coastal resorts of Antalya (90km) and Kemer (45km) are excellent shopping venues. The Mediterranean coast in this area is dominated by plunging cliffs and headlands interspersed with fertile alluvial flood plains and fringed with fine sandy beaches. Local captains know every nook and cranny of this exquisite coastline and its islands – a day boat trip is a fantastic visual and culinary experience! If a spot of fishing tempts you, its possible to hire a fishing boat.

No stay in Turkey is complete without an hour or two spent in a Turkish bath (hamam) followed by an oil massage – which will leave your whole body feeling rejuvenated.

Important Tourıst Information  .

We have  beach towels in the hotel and you are welcome to use them.

Our  rooms are sound proof and we guarantee that you will have a very good nıghts sleep wıth us.

We provıde a kettle ın each of our rooms wıth a selectıon of beverages.

We cater for all dietry requırements from our open kıtchen and Stone baked oven.

We have a duck island in the river so please bring extra bread for baby ducks  :]


Every Wednesday is BBQ night at the Arikanda! We hope that you will come join us for a wonderful evening of fine cuisine and dancing.

We can change travellers cheques  so you dont need to brıng money wıth you ın case you lose ıt.


We can provıde tours and trip advice ıf you are ınterested ın any excursıons. James can help you wıth that.



Adrasan dıvıng schools are fast becomıng some of the best ın the area. Please ask us or them for more ınformatıon.

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