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Lycian Way


We love walking and we would love to introduce you some of the stunning coastal sections of The Lycian Way walk in Turkey very close to where we live in Adrasan by the riverside.

The bay at Adrasan is a jewel in the crown of Turkey's Turquoise Coast. There is an over one mile long sandy beach with pine clad headlands on either side of the bay and the Toros mountains rise up behind us with Mount Olympos standing majestically in the distance at a height of 2,365m (over 1½ miles high!) The Lycian Way passes right by the riverside by our hotel and we are ideally placed to offer a varied walking holiday that is rich in flora, fauna, history and culture. ..


Most of our walking guests choose a self guided walks but because we know the places and we live here we do like to help them with many aspects of the walk. For example lunch packs can be provided, drop off  and pick up points to start and finish the walk can be arranged. We can also provide our own English speaking guides, who will show you walks best suited to you, from short to long journeys and mild to hard walks.

The Lycian way is a 509 km way-marked footpath around the coast of Lycian in southern Turkey, from Fethiye to Antalya.  It was researched, designed and implemented by Kate Clow with Terry Richardson.  The Lycian Way is a coastal walk and mild temperatures mean it can be walked throughout the winter months. According to the Sunday Times the Lycian Way is one of the ten most beautiful long distance hikes of the world. The cavus bay ( adrasan ) wonderful place to rest and have excellent walking around hill, in valleys, by the sea side , in the woods and much more.

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The route is graded medium to hard; it is not level walking, but has many ascents and descents as it approaches and veers away from the sea. It is easier at the start near Fethiye and gets more difficult as it progresses. We recommend walking turkey  in spring or autumn; February-May- or September-November; summer in Lycia is hot, although you could walk short, shady sections. The route is mainly over footpaths and mule trails; it is mostly over limestone and often hard and stony underfoot. For me l have to say; as l love walking myself, from karaoz gelidonya light house to adrasan is one of the best part and also one of the hardest part too. The view of islands from the light house it is brilliant, the nature and wild flowers are so beautifull.

On the first part of the route, and in Patara, Kalkan, Kas, Myra, Finike, Adrasan,(at adrasan as we are Arikanda hotel open all year round,) Olympos, Cirali and Tekirova, you can stay in pensions or small hotels. On other nights, you may stay in a village house, or camp out. There are plenty of camping places with nearby water mentioned in the book; you do not have to ask permission to camp out in most places.

If you are fit enough you may do 100km of good hard walking in 1 week. Any enquiries, please don't hesitate to give us a call and we will gladly assist you.

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